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NRs.26500 NRs.31500

Input Sensitivity: TRS balanced input: +4dBu

AUX/RCA unbalanced input: -10dBV

Power Output: 21W+21W

Frequency Response: 60Hz-20KHz

Signal-to-noise Ratio: ≥85dBA

Distortion: ≤0.2%

Treble Unit: 1 inch

Woofer Unit: 4 inch

Active Speaker Size: 140 x 228 x 197.5 mm

Passive Speaker Size: 140 x 228 x 184 mm

Product Weight (Net): 4.5kg

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NRs.31500 NRs.26500

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Model No:BM-12
Type:Passive speaker
Frequency response:25Hz~20KHz
Nominal impedance:8Q
Rated power:350w
Peak power:700w
Woofer:1x12"190mm magnet, 75mm voice coil
Tweeter: Long-range horn tweeter 120mm magnet, 44mm voice coil
Cabinet dimension(L*W*H):363*387*622mm
Package dimension(L*W*H):450*475*730mm*2
Net weight:40.9kglset

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NRs.19500 NRs.23000


Certification: Official approval confirming product compliance with standards.

EC: This may refer to European Conformity (CE) marking.

Private Mold: Proprietary mold design for unique products.

Forks: Could refer to cutlery or fork-like components.

Products Status: Indicates availability or condition of products.

Stock: Quantity of products available for purchase.

Type: General product category or classification.

External: Features located on the product's exterior.

Interface Type: How a device connects with others.


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NRs.23000 NRs.19500

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