1.25G BiDi SFP

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Key Features

* Hot pluggable SFP MSA form package, SFP MSA compliant
* Comply with Ethernet/SDH/SONET transmission standard
* Single LC or SC receptacles
* Low power consumption
* I2C management interface, Built-in digital diagnostic functions
* Supports a variety of transmission distances from 500m to 120km
* RoHS compliant
* Operating temperature range: 0~70°C(Commercial) /-40~85℃(industrial)


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The 2.5Gbps Single fiber bidirectional SFP series optical transceiver supports a variety of transmission distance from 500m to 120km, the series of products use a single LC or SC optical interface, with low power consumption, small size, high reliability, wide temperature range, and other characteristics. It is mainly used in Ethernet/SDH/SONET transmission environments.


1.25G BiDi SFP P/N Data Rate Wavelength Reach Connector Tx Power Rx Sensitivity Source YV-2GE-3T/R 2.5Gbps 1310/1550nm 3km BiDi LC/SC -10~-3dB ≤-18dB FP+PIN YV-2GE-3T/R-3149 2.5Gbps 1310/1550nm 3km BiDi LC/SC -10~-3dB ≤-18dB FP+PIN YV-2GE-20T/R 2.5Gbps 1310/1550nm 20km BiDi LC/SC -5~0dB ≤-18dB DFB+PIN YV-2GE-20T/R-3149 2.5Gbps 1310/1490nm 20km BiDi LC/SC -5~0dB ≤-18dB DFB+PIN YV-2GE-40T/R 2.5Gbps 1310/1550nm 40km BiDi LC/SC -2~3dB ≤-19dB DFB+PIN YV-2GE-40T/R-3149 2.5Gbps 1310/1490nm 40km BiDi LC/SC -2~3dB ≤-19dB DFB+PIN YV-2GE-80T/R 2.5Gbps 1490/1550nm 80km BiDi LC/SC -2~3dB ≤-28dB DFB+APD YV-2GE-120T/R 2.5Gbps 1490/1550nm 120km BiDi LC/SC 2~5dB ≤-30dB DFB+APD
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1.25G BiDi SFP