8Fiber 2RJ45

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Key Features

 * In conformity to IEEE802.3 10base-T, IEEE802.3u 100 base-TX/FX, IEEE802.3ab 1000 base-T, IEEE802.3z,1000base-SX/LX, IEEE802.1a, IEEE802.1PQ, IEEE802.1d Spanning Tree.
 * Hot Plug-gable & Wall-Mountable.
 * Stable performance more than 50thousand hours with fault-free.        
 * Unique IC solution applied.
 * Supports 10/100Mbps and 10/100/1000M full/half duplex, easy upgrades.
 * Auto MDI/MDI-X.
 * Auto Negotiation.
 * Support flow control.
 * Stable performance more than 50 thousands hours with fault-free.

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The fiber switches are unmanageable, they can extend the network transmission from 100m to 120km and can realize the interconnection between motherboard servers, Repeaters, hubs, switches, and terminals. The plug-and-play design makes easy installation, with no on-site adjustment. Operation status can be monitored through a set of Diagnostic LEDs.

Part Number Description
ES-FE8F2TP-xx 10/100M 8Fiber 2RJ45, xx=550m~120km
ES-GE8F2TP-xx 10/100/1000M 8Fiber 2RJ45, xx=550m~120km
ES-FE8F2TP-SFP 10/100M 8Fiber 2RJ45, supports 155Mbps SFP
ES-GE8F2TP-SFP 10/100/1000M 8Fiber 2RJ45, supports 1.25Gbps SFP


8Fiber 2RJ45 8Fiber 2RJ45
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8Fiber 2RJ45