90cm Parabolic Soft box Studio Light Diffuser


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Key Features

SBLF-90 | 90cm Parabolic Soft box 

Diameter: 35.4''/90 cm
Depth: 25.6''/65 cm
Weight: 5.3lbs/2.4kg
Carrying Bag Diameter: 22 cm
Carrying Bag Length: 31.9''/cm

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Attach the softbox to your light fixture, the light becomes soft and even, does not irritate eyes, features a shadowless effect, and makes the catchlight prominent. Widely used in portrait photography, commercial and advertising photography, children's photography, video shooting, micro film shooting, etc.

  • Parabolic Softbox Diameter 70/90/120cm.
  • Sturdy and durable; All metal parts with Premium industrial construction.
  • Made of superior highly reflective fabric, professional silver embossed linings that are highly reflective to create a soft diffused lighting effect.
  • Easy to use. You can produce beautiful diffused light after a simple and easy express setup; Different levels of softness can be controlled.
  • The removable internal diffuser and external diffuser allow you to soften the light while lowering exposure by 2.1 stops.
  • Equipped with grids, the gird can be installed on the softbox easily. Fabric grid included to tighten beam angle and help control unwanted light.
  • Steel Wire Bracket. Strong toughness and high strength are enough to support the softbox, making it work for a long time without deformation.
  • With Bowen mount, it is suitable for photography LED light, Speedlite, flash, moonlight, and more.
  • Versatile Applications. It helps to make the outline of the object clearer.
  • Ideal for shooting weddings, commercial advertising, fashion and portraits, live streaming, and so on.

    Package Contents

    High-quality fabric + metal 


Dimension Available 27.55”/ 70cm 35.4”/ 90cm 48”/ 120cm
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90cm Parabolic Soft box Studio Light Diffuser