Mi-1 PRO


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Key Features

•Transmission Frequency Band:2400MHz~2483.5MHz

•Audio Frequency Response:100Hz-18KHz±3dB

•Dynamic Range:95dB (Circuit performance)

•S/N:95dB (Circuit performance)

•SPL:100dB(built-in microphone)

•Pairing Type:Automatic

•Effective Working Distance:20m(there is block)

                                              50m(in open space)

•Working Temperature:-5℃ to + 50℃


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Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System

Transmission Frequency Band:2400MHz-24835MHZ|Recording Function :On-board SD NAND|Internal Storage :32GB

Relacart MIPASSPORT Mi2.PRO is a Lightweight, portable fully functional, easy-to-operate.2.4GHz dual-channel wireless microphone system with onboard high-quality recording function, providing excellent developed such as DSLRs, camcorders, smartphones, tablets or computers, It is ideal for interviews, live broadcasts, vlog shoots or business presentations.


Mi-1 PRO Functional Features: Widely Compatible Widely compatible with digital or SLR cameras,smartphones tablets,mobile devices and more. Save Recording Audio Recording and listening while saving, to ensure flawless audio output. Flexible Expansion Built-in electret microphone ,also supports external alvalier microphone .output volume can be adjusted. 2.4G ISM Global Unlimited Frequency Band Adopts 2.4G ISM global unlimited frequency band transmission. Real-time Monitoring Dual channel receliver with USB audio output port and 3.5mm output port,the receiver also has a live monitoring headphone port. Convenient Design •Adopts a high-brightness OLED display which clearly shows theworking status. •The body is small and easy to carry •Automatic pairing at startup •Built-in lithium battery. charging with USB 5V •The 3.5mm TRS output is used to connect to dlaital/ SLR cameras,camcorders,recorders,tablets,mmobile phones and other devices to assist in picking up high fidelity Audio for interviews,micro-video recordings,or business presentations.
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  • Hi-Res Audio Certified: The D1 headphone is certified for high-resolution audio, delivering exceptional sound fidelity. Its powerful 50mm neodymium driver ensures clear and crisp sound, providing an immersive listening experience.

  • Wide Frequency Range: The headphone's wide frequency range spans from 10 Hz to 38 kHz, enabling you to enjoy both high and low soundtracks with immersive clarity.

  • Dual-Connector Cable: The D1 headphone offers versatility with both a gold-plated 6.35mm plug and a 3.5mm port. This dual-connector setup allows you to connect to various devices, including musical instruments like electric guitars. The included 4-meter coiled audio cable is flexible, durable, and resistant to kinking, twisting, or breaking during normal use. It's compatible with a wide range of equipment, such as soundboards, karaoke machines, phones, laptops, Chromebooks, and other audio devices.

  • Comfortable Earmuffs & Noise Reduction: Designed for comfort and sound isolation, the leather foam-filled ear pads ensure a comfortable fit during extended listening sessions. The noise reduction design enhances your immersion in the audio experience by minimizing external distractions.

  • Foldable Design: The earmuffs of the D1 headphone are designed to rotate, offering free-style and single-side monitoring options. They can also be flipped up to adapt to the shape of your head for a perfect fit. Additionally, the foldable design allows the headphone to neatly fit into bags or laptop cases for easy portability.

  • Adjustable Hinge and Angle: The adjustable headband features 7 levels of adjustment, providing impressive flexibility to ensure a perfect fit according to your preferences and attire.

  • PM2 is a dynamic microphone that uses electromagnetic induction to vibrate and produce sound. Its mission is to bring musicians' microphones out of the recording studio and to better serve people's entertainment life! PM2 is a noise-reduction microphone using USB and XLR ports, and it is connected to terminals such as computers and mobile phones via USB data cables.

Mi-1 PRO