MIPASSPORT Mi.3 Dual Channel Mini Wireless Microphone System

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Key Features

Dual Channel Mini Wireless Microphone System

MIPASSPORT Mi.3 is a new generation of portable wireless microphone launched by Relacart. It is smaller and lighter than the previous generation. The innovative wearing method and hidden pickup can achieve a better hidden effect. Video shooting can well hide the existence of the microphone. And it's more comfortable to use.    MIPASSPORT Mi.3 inherits and optimizes the sound quality of the previous generation, with wider bandwidth, lower noise, and sound details are well displayed. The receiver supports digital and analog output, and the digital output can be replaced with Type C or Lightning interface, which is well compatible with different mobile phones, cameras, PCs and other devices. The standard charging compartment of MIPASSPORT Mi3 extends the battery life to more than 20 hours. The charging compartment is well compatible with charging and storage, and at the

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Receiver Technical Specification

Transmission frequency band: 2400MHz-2483.5MHz

Transmission type: frequency hopping/digital GFSK

Receiving sensitivity: -94dBm

Antenna merhod: built-in F type antenna

Display mode: TFT display , showing battery power, current RF and AF status

Power  requirements: Built in lithium battery, standard USB 5V charging via TYPE-C interface 

Battery life :About 4hours

USB audio: Android, IPHONE, WINDOWS

Output connector: 3.5mm TRS/interchangeable connector digital output 

Output connector:3.5mm onitor output 

Working temperature: -5 ℃~+50 ℃

Dimensions: 71.5 mm(L) * 25mm(H) * 17.5mm(W)

Weight: 25g


Transmitter Technical specification

Transmission frequency band: 2400MHz~2483.5MHz

Modulation type: frequency hopping/digital GFSK

Transmission power: 10dBm

Antenna mode: built-in F type antenna

Microphone pickup method: omnidirectional (built-in MEMS mic)

Display mode: LED status indication

Power requirements: Built in lithium battery, standard USB 5V charging via TYPE-C interface 

Battery life:5 hours

Working temperature: -5 ℃~+50 ℃

Dimensions: 54 mm(H) * 21mm(L) * 17mm(W)

Weight: 15g



Charging Case Technical Specification


Charging box charging method:Built-in lithium battery, standard USB 5V charging via TYPE-C interface


Battery capacity:3000 mAh


Charging case usage time:At full charge, charge the RX and 2TX at the same time, providing up to about 4 charges.


Charging time:

TX: about 1.5 hours

RX: about 1.5 hours

Charging case: about 3.5 hours


Dimensions (mm):130 (L)x 65 (W) x 53 (H)


Weight:195 g


Functional Features Bulit in Microphone Design Adopting a hidden microphone design, it can hide a large part of the transmitter in clothing to reduce the exposure of the machine in the camera, making every shot more concise and beautiful. Multifunction TFT Display Screen The receiver adopts TFT multifuntion display screen, which can display the current battery power, current RF, AF state, etc. 2.4G Global Unrestricted Transmission Frequency Band Using global unrestricted transmission frequency bands for audio transmission, and the effective transmission distance up to 50 meters (in spacious spaces) Detachable Adapter The MI3 wireless receiver adopts a detachable adapter, and it equipped with Lighting and Type-C adapters, and select the corresponding adapter and device to plug and play.And it is suitable for occasions such as video recording, live streaming, filming, and recording. Long Battery Endurance After fully charging, the device's battery life can reach 5 hours, and when used in conjunction with a charging case, it can be extended by about 25 hours, making it easy to handle long outdoor recordings. Wireless Lavalier lapel Mini Design MI3 adopts wireless lavalier lapel design, aimed to improve user convenience, and outdoor use can be equipped with a windproof fur cover. Wireless Charging Mi3 receiver and transmitter are support wireless charging, equipped with wireless charging case can meet the need of storage and charging simultaneously. DETAILS
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MIPASSPORT Mi.3 Dual Channel Mini Wireless Microphone System