MX1 PRO Mixer Webcast Sound Card


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Key Features

• Tailored for entertainment webcast, influencer marketing webcast, Karaoke and recording, and suitable for smartphones, tablets and PC

• Built-in DSP digital chip, independent adjustment of REVERB, VOICE and RETUNE SPEED, easy operation

• Bluetooth playing function without the trouble of cable connection to play music more freely

• Adjustment knobs of treble and bass to meet the voice characteristics of different people

• OTG function for the MX1 Pro sound card to connect with a mobile phone via USB to realize high-definition, lossless recording and webcast

• Colorful and cool lighting control for you to switch the lighting effect through the lighting control button

• 8 sound effects for the host to use, 2 of which can be changed freely, thus making webcast more interesting

• Smart noise reduction to shield the microphone from picking up environmental noise, thus making singing noise-free

• One-button ducking function to automatically lower the background music when talking, suitable for webcast

• Supporting simultaneous webcast using two mobile phones and one computer, multi-platform webcast to attract fans

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Sound Card Specification • Data Transmission: USB2.0 • Sample Rate: 48KHz/16bit • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz (±3dB) • THD: THD<0.5% 1KHz • Headphone Output Power: 167.7mW/32Ω • Headphone S/N Ratio: 90dB (A-Weighted) • Main Chip: DSP • Reverb Mode: Reverb • Autotune: 12 kinds of autotunes • EQ Processing: EQ • Net Weight: approx. 490g Connector Specification • Audio Connector: Cell phone connector *2 (Φ3.5mm) Headphone connector *2 (Φ6.35mm) Accompaniment connector (Φ3.5mm) Microphone connector (XLR+Φ6.35mm) Microphone connector (Φ3.5mm) • Data Connector: Type-C connector Battery Specification • Battery Type: Li-ion battery • Charging: DC 5V 1.5A • Battery Capacity: 4400mAh • Charging Time:approx. 5h • Operation Time: approx. 8h(when 48V is turned off) • approx. 6h(when 48V is turned on) Note: The data is tested by Takstar Laboratory, and Takstar has the final interpretation right!
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NRs.75000 NRs.80000

MIXX8.6 8-Channel Digital Mixer

MIXX8.6 digital mixer designed with 8 inputs and 6 outputs. Built-in digital audio processing functions, such as effect, EQ , compressor, etc. And it is equipped with a USB interface, which can transmit audio by mobile phones and computers. It has 16 types of digital reverb effects, which can be easily adjusted for various occasions with the encoder. MIXX8.6 has a simple and exquisite appearance, with reasonable layout of function buttons, suitable for various small-scale performances, conferences, speeches, KTVs, live streaming, and other occasions.

Key Features

  • PodTrak P4 Multitrack Podcast Recorder
  • 2 x ZDM-1 Dynamic Mics & Windscreens
  • 2 x Headphones, Tabletop Stands, XLRs
  • 4 x High-Gain XLR Mic Inputs with +48V
  • 4 x Independent Headphone Outputs
  • 4 x Sound Pads for Music and Samples
  • Mix-Minus for Echo-Free Remote Call-Ins
  • TRRS and USB Call-In Connections
  • Powered via Batteries, AC, or USB
  • Class-Compliant Mode for iOS Devices
NRs.5899 NRs.6000
  • 104 Total Keys
  • Red Switch
  • Full Keys Anti-Ghosting
  • RGB Gradient – 22 modes
  • 50 Million Keys Lifetime
NRs.19500 NRs.19864
  • Advanced circuit design and high quality electronic components features low noise, low distortion, wide dynamic range and strong anti-interference ability 

  • 3-band EQ for high,  and low frequency adjustment effectively improve the tone 

  • With signal overload (clip) indication, 80Hz low cut function 

  • Built-in +50dB low noise microphone preamplifier and 48V phantom power supply suits different kinds of microphone 

  • Stereo input channel with sensitivity adjustable (+4db, -10db) switch can match with different kinds of input sound source 

  • 60mm sliding potentiometer controls the main output volume efficiently and expediently 

  • With RCA CD input, recording output terminal, MAIN output and CTRL ROOM, PHONES monitoring output 

  • Built-in DSP effect with 100 kinds of effect choices meet various occasions and user requirements 

  • Built-in German USB chip sound card for free driver and convenient connection with computer (only need one USB cable)


• Tailored for recording,the effect reaches professional level in studio

• Stereo boost effect benefits your comfort in listening

• Accurate EQ adjustment for flat frequency response

• Silk dome tweeter provides quick transient response, treble details and clear sound

• Poplypropylene woofer provides powerful bass dynamic response

• Adjustable acoustic filtering design optimizes monitoring effect

• High frequency filter boosts or decays relative frequency band to adjust sound brightness

• Custom designed internal reinforce ribs, high durability of professional MDF cabinet

• Acoustic foam eliminates noise for better sound field


NRs.25999 NRs.29999

• MX1 Set is the live broadcast/Karaoke set which consists of MX1 sound card, SM-18 condenser microphone, TS-2260 earphone and accessories.

• The sound card features Li-ion battery, 9 sound effects, 9 camboy/camgirl sound effects, compatible with cell phone/iPad/PC, compact design and easy operation. 

• The microphone features cartridge of φ34mm large gold plated diaphragm, high sensitivity, wide frequency response, clear sound.

• The earphone is tailored for monitoring and features Ø9.2mm high resolution driver unit to reproduce rich sound details. 

• The whole set is designed with high quality alloy case for convenient outdoor application.

MX1 PRO Mixer Webcast Sound Card