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Key Features

• MX1 Set is the live broadcast/Karaoke set which consists of MX1 sound card, SM-18 condenser microphone, TS-2260 earphone and accessories.

• The sound card features Li-ion battery, 9 sound effects, 9 camboy/camgirl sound effects, compatible with cell phone/iPad/PC, compact design and easy operation. 

• The microphone features cartridge of φ34mm large gold plated diaphragm, high sensitivity, wide frequency response, clear sound.

• The earphone is tailored for monitoring and features Ø9.2mm high resolution driver unit to reproduce rich sound details. 

• The whole set is designed with high quality alloy case for convenient outdoor application.

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Sound card specification • Data Transmission: USB2.0 • Sample Ratio: 48KHz/16bit • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz • THD: THD<0.5% 1KHz • Earphone Output Power: 125mW/32Ω • Earphone S/N Ratio: 90dB(A-Weighted) • Main Chip: DSP • Reverb: Reverb • Autotune: 24 Autotunes • EQ: EQ • Type: Li-ion battery • Battery Capacity: 2700mAh • Charging: USB 5V 1.5A • Operation Time: more than 8h(48V off)more than 6h(48V on) • Audio Connector: cell phone connector(3.5mm), accompaniment connector(3.5mm), mic connector1(Mini XLR), mic connector2(3.5mm), earphone connector(3.5mm), earphone mic connector(3.5mm), • Power Connector: Micro USB • Dimension: 142*98*22mm(L*W*H); • Net Weight: approximate 300g Earphone Specification • Type: dynamic stereo earphone • Unit Diameter: 9.2mm • Unit Impedance: 18Ω±15% • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz • Sensitivity: 95±3dB SPL (94dB SPL=1Pa) at 1KHz with input=0.126V(1mW) • Peak Power: 5mW • Rated Power: 3mW • Cable: dia 2.3mmX2m • Connector: 3.5mm three conductor gold plated connector • Net Weight: approximate 13g Microphone Specification • Cartridge: cartridge of 34mm large gold plated diaphragm • Polar Pattern: unidirectional • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz • Sensitivity: -30dB±3dBV(0dB=1V/Pa at 1KHz) • Equivalent Noise Level: ≤20dBA(IEC 581-5) • Peak SPL: 135dB(THD≤1% at 1KHz) • Output Impedance: 110Ω±30%(at 1kHz) • Operation Voltage: 48V phantom power • Dimension: 157mmx55x38mm • Net Weight: approximate 372g • Sound card 1 pc • SM-18 Recording microphone 1 pc • TS-2260 earphone 1 pc • Audio cable(Ф3mm*1.2m) 2 pcs • Micro USB data cable(Ф4mm*1.2m) 1 pc • Mini XLR cable(Ф4mm*2m) 1 pc • Shock mount 1 pc • Windscreen 1 pc • Ear pad(S/M/L) 3 pairs • Earphone box 1 pc • Al alloy case 1 pc • User manual 1 pc
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Recommended Accessories

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Note: Microphone stand and shock mount excluded
 The bundle includes a specially designed microphone boom arm and mic shock mount. These accessories provide superior stability and isolation, ensuring minimal handling noise and vibrations. Unlike traditional mic stands and shock mounts, our product focuses on clean aesthetics and symmetry, creating an artistic presence once properly set up. The 5 small cable holders are strategically placed to neatly conceal the microphone cable within the gap between the dual arms, enhancing the overall appearance of your desktop setup.

With our microphone bundle, you'll enjoy professional-grade audio capture, versatile microphone options, and a visually pleasing setup that complements your workspace. Whether you're a content creator, podcaster, or musician, this bundle provides the perfect combination of performance and aesthetics for all your recording needs. Elevate your audio recordings to new heights with our exceptional microphone bundle.

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Note: Microphone stand and shock mount excluded
The microphone bundle includes a specially designed microphone boom arm and mic shock mount. Unlike traditional mic stands and shock mounts, our product stands out with its unique design and attention to detail. When properly set up, it becomes a captivating piece of artwork, aligned perfectly with the popular aesthetic sense of symmetry. By incorporating five small cable holders, we offer a practical solution to neatly conceal the microphone cable within the gap between the dual arms. This thoughtful design significantly enhances the appearance of your desktop, creating a clean and polished look.

Experience professional audio quality and elevate your recording setup to new heights with the STU1+ 48V Cardioid Condenser Microphone. Discover the perfect balance of technical excellence and artistic design, and bring your creativity to life with stunning precision and aesthetic appeal.

  • PM2 is a dynamic microphone that uses electromagnetic induction to vibrate and produce sound. Its mission is to bring musicians' microphones out of the recording studio and to better serve people's entertainment life! PM2 is a noise-reduction microphone using USB and XLR ports, and it is connected to terminals such as computers and mobile phones via USB data cables.

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  • Sample Rates:24 - bit, 48 KHz

  • Frequency Response:20Hz to 20 KHz+0/-1 db

  • System Delay:1.5ms

  • T.H.D:<0.05%

  • Input Crosstalk:<-120db @ 1KHz(AdjacentChannels)

  • S/N Ratio:90dB single channel - fader max (A-weighted)

  • Dynamic Range:100dB single channel - fader max (A-weighted)

  • Common Mode Rejection Ratio:>70dB @ 1 KHz

  • MIC Impedance:3kΩ(XLR Balance);6.6kΩ(1/4)

  • MIC Gain: 0 to 60 dB(XLR);-20 to 40 dB(1/4)

  • Power Supply: DC 12V(4A)

  • Dimensions(mm):260(L)×230(H)×89(D)

  • Weight:1.45kg


Input Sensitivity: TRS balanced input: +4dBu

AUX/RCA unbalanced input: -10dBV

Power Output: 21W+21W

Frequency Response: 60Hz-20KHz

Signal-to-noise Ratio: ≥85dBA

Distortion: ≤0.2%

Treble Unit: 1 inch

Woofer Unit: 4 inch

Active Speaker Size: 140 x 228 x 197.5 mm

Passive Speaker Size: 140 x 228 x 184 mm

Product Weight (Net): 4.5kg

  • MA-1 is a professional microphone preamplifier that operates on 48V phantom power
  • This makes it ideal for ribbon and dynamic microphones alike.
  • Size: approx. 122x48x40mm
  • Package Includes: 1 x Alctron MA-1 Professional Microphone Preamplifier
  • Cable: A=No ; B= Yes(optional)


Certification: Official approval confirming product compliance with standards.

EC: This may refer to European Conformity (CE) marking.

Private Mold: Proprietary mold design for unique products.

Forks: Could refer to cutlery or fork-like components.

Products Status: Indicates availability or condition of products.

Stock: Quantity of products available for purchase.

Type: General product category or classification.

External: Features located on the product's exterior.

Interface Type: How a device connects with others.


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**Microphone Type**: The microphone's category, like dynamic or condenser.

**Output Impedance**: Electrical resistance of the microphone's output.

**Sensitivity**: Sound-to-electrical signal efficiency in dB.

**Directional Property**: Pickup pattern, e.g., uni-directional.

**Frequency Response Range**: The range of captured frequencies.

**Dynamic Microphone**: Type using electromagnetic induction.

**600 (±15%)**: Nominal impedance with tolerance.

**-52±3dB (at 1KHz)(OdB=1mV/Pa)**: Sensitivity at 1 kHz.

**60-13KHz**: Frequency response ranges from 60 Hz to 13,000 Hz.

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  • 【Length】2.18meters(7.15 FT).
  • 【Plug & Play】XLR to XLR cable can be directly connected and used, quickly meet output requirements.
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MIXX8.6 8-Channel Digital Mixer

MIXX8.6 digital mixer designed with 8 inputs and 6 outputs. Built-in digital audio processing functions, such as effect, EQ , compressor, etc. And it is equipped with a USB interface, which can transmit audio by mobile phones and computers. It has 16 types of digital reverb effects, which can be easily adjusted for various occasions with the encoder. MIXX8.6 has a simple and exquisite appearance, with reasonable layout of function buttons, suitable for various small-scale performances, conferences, speeches, KTVs, live streaming, and other occasions.

MX1 Set Live Broadcast Sound Card Set Pre order 15% OFF