Redragon GM300 Gaming Stream Microphone

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Key Features


1. Patented cool design, full metal made, support circle LED in custom colour
2. One button, support Volume control & Mute
3. High-end mic unit, Cardioid, pick up sound from front and both sides, minimize sound from backside
4. USB plug cable, with USB-B to USB-A connectors, durable and compatible with all desktop computers and laptops
5. Standard packing with shock mount, tripod stand and windscreen included
6. Streaming preferred, also good for Online gaming, Podcasting, Voiceovers, Vocals and instruments recording, Instant voice messaging such as Skype
7. How to use: Plug and play

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 i9 fourteen-core + 32G + 3T + RTX3070  host + 32-inch monitor pre order only

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  • Product name: JLK Intel 14th generation Core i9-14900kf/RTX4060Ti desktop computer host e-sports game designer rendering assembly complete set 3: 14th generation i9+32G+2T+RTX3070Ti host + 32-inch monitor
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Move Out, Shapeshifter :  The maneuverable compact size of GS550 makes sure you are enchanted deeply at the first look. Whether it’s standing individually on each side of the monitor, or lying merged together underneath, you’ll love it in both ways.

2.0 Channel Stereo Core :   Equipped with advanced sound drive unit with full range 2.0 channel stereo core….so, turn it up and get high.

Plug & Play for Broad Compatibility :  USB powered with 3.5mm audio and mic cables allows this rockstar to party on wide type of stages for PC, TV and Laptop. Get it all connected well on your device and let the party begin.

Redragon GM300 Gaming Stream Microphone