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NRs.19500 NRs.19864
  • Advanced circuit design and high quality electronic components features low noise, low distortion, wide dynamic range and strong anti-interference ability 

  • 3-band EQ for high,  and low frequency adjustment effectively improve the tone 

  • With signal overload (clip) indication, 80Hz low cut function 

  • Built-in +50dB low noise microphone preamplifier and 48V phantom power supply suits different kinds of microphone 

  • Stereo input channel with sensitivity adjustable (+4db, -10db) switch can match with different kinds of input sound source 

  • 60mm sliding potentiometer controls the main output volume efficiently and expediently 

  • With RCA CD input, recording output terminal, MAIN output and CTRL ROOM, PHONES monitoring output 

  • Built-in DSP effect with 100 kinds of effect choices meet various occasions and user requirements 

  • Built-in German USB chip sound card for free driver and convenient connection with computer (only need one USB cable)

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NRs.19500 NRs.19864
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• Tailored for recording,the effect reaches professional level in studio

• Stereo boost effect benefits your comfort in listening

• Accurate EQ adjustment for flat frequency response

• Silk dome tweeter provides quick transient response, treble details and clear sound

• Poplypropylene woofer provides powerful bass dynamic response

• Adjustable acoustic filtering design optimizes monitoring effect

• High frequency filter boosts or decays relative frequency band to adjust sound brightness

• Custom designed internal reinforce ribs, high durability of professional MDF cabinet

• Acoustic foam eliminates noise for better sound field


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SKU: MX1 Set

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NRs.25999 NRs.29999

• MX1 Set is the live broadcast/Karaoke set which consists of MX1 sound card, SM-18 condenser microphone, TS-2260 earphone and accessories.

• The sound card features Li-ion battery, 9 sound effects, 9 camboy/camgirl sound effects, compatible with cell phone/iPad/PC, compact design and easy operation. 

• The microphone features cartridge of φ34mm large gold plated diaphragm, high sensitivity, wide frequency response, clear sound.

• The earphone is tailored for monitoring and features Ø9.2mm high resolution driver unit to reproduce rich sound details. 

• The whole set is designed with high quality alloy case for convenient outdoor application.

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NRs.25999 NRs.29999
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• Tailored for entertainment webcast, influencer marketing webcast, Karaoke and recording, and suitable for smartphones, tablets and PC

• Built-in DSP digital chip, independent adjustment of REVERB, VOICE and RETUNE SPEED, easy operation

• Bluetooth playing function without the trouble of cable connection to play music more freely

• Adjustment knobs of treble and bass to meet the voice characteristics of different people

• OTG function for the MX1 Pro sound card to connect with a mobile phone via USB to realize high-definition, lossless recording and webcast

• Colorful and cool lighting control for you to switch the lighting effect through the lighting control button

• 8 sound effects for the host to use, 2 of which can be changed freely, thus making webcast more interesting

• Smart noise reduction to shield the microphone from picking up environmental noise, thus making singing noise-free

• One-button ducking function to automatically lower the background music when talking, suitable for webcast

• Supporting simultaneous webcast using two mobile phones and one computer, multi-platform webcast to attract fans

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SKU: TS-450

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  • Monitoring
  • Music Appreciation
  • Wired
  • Head-mounted
  • Stable PET diaphragm perfectly reproduces the music details, sound field and layers

  • High protein PU leather ear pads for comfortable wearing

  • Closed chamber and refined ear pads for perfect sound isolation

  • Ergonomic design fits for different head shape wearing

  • High quality OFC cable can effectively reduce the sound quality loss


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• New Ø40mm neodymium driver produces outstanding sensitivity, response and dynamics. 

• Advanced composite diaphragm delivers distinct bass, full midrange,and airy highs.

• Closed-back cups provide excellent noise isolation for undisturbed listening.

• Compact coiled cable flexes freely without tangling hassles. 

• Skin-friendly earpads and headband ensure fatigue-free wearing for extended time. 

• Ergonomic, adjustable design fits comfortably on various head sizes or shapes.

• Includes Ø6.35mm adapter for compatibility with a wide range of audio devices.


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• Revamped, streamlined design, all-metal construction, sturdy and durable. 

• Upgraded tonal performance, robust, enticing mids, and delicate highs. 

• Optimized self-noise filters out unwanted noise for clearer vocals.

• Retains power indicator for status overview at a glance.

• Upgraded professional shock mount with elastic band suspension and excellent performance. 

• Includes a newly designed compact pop filter that minimizes pops noise without obstructing your face. 


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SKU: ST-10

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• Foldable boom arm for space saving and portability.

• Full-metal tubing construction, sturdy and secure two-section boom arm with a maximum reach of 1m.

• Around 1.5kg load capacity, 270° rotation, one-hand positioning.

• Includes smartphone and headphone holders for clean table setup.

• Powerful table clamp for secure installation.

• Convenient and reliable, suitable for radio station, TV station, studio, personal recording.



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