10G SFP+


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Key Features

* Hot-pluggable SFP+ MSA form package, SFP+ MSA compliant
* Comply with SDH STM64/SONET OC-192 transmission standard
* Supports 8.5Gb/s to 11.3Gb/s data rate
* LC Optical Interface
* I2C management interface, Built-in digital diagnostic functions
* Low power consumption
* Supports a variety of transmission distances from 220m to 100km
* RoHS compliance
* Operating temperature range: 0~70°C(Commercial) /-40~85℃(industrial)

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The 10G SFP+ series optical transceiver support 8.5~11.3Gb/s transmission rate, 220m to 120km a variety of transmission distance, the series of optical transceiver use LC optical interface, with low power consumption, small size, high reliability, wide temperature range, and other characteristics, mainly used in SDH/SONET/FC transmission environment.


10G SFP+ P/N Data Rate Wavelength Reach Connector Tx Power Rx Sensitivity Source YV-SFP+-03 10Gbps 850nm 300m Dual LC -6~1db ≤-11.1db VCSEL+PIN YV-SFP+-022 10Gbps 1310nm 220m Dual LC -7.3~-1db ≤-11.1db FP+PIN YV-SFP+-2 10Gbps 1310nm 2km Dual LC -8.2~0.5db ≤-12.6db FP+PIN YV-SFP+-10 10Gbps 1310nm 10km Dual LC -6~-1db ≤-12.6db DFB+PIN YV-SFP+-20 10Gbps 1310nm 20km Dual LC -4.5~-1db ≤-12.6db DFB+PIN YV-SFP+-40-1310 10Gbps 1310nm 40km Dual LC -1~4db ≤-16db DFB+PIN YV-SFP+-40 10Gbps 1550nm 40km Dual LC -1~5db ≤-16db EML+PIN YV-SFP+-80 10Gbps 1550nm 80km Dual LC 0~5db ≤-23db EML+APD YV-SFP+-100 10Gbps 1550nm 100km Dual LC 1~5db ≤-24db EML+APD YV-SFP+-120 10Gbps 1550nm 120km Dual LC 1~5db ≤-28db EML+APD
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10G SFP+