Squarock LAB1 Dynamic Microphone Professional Vocal Microphone for Podcast


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Key Features


**Microphone Type**: The microphone's category, like dynamic or condenser.

**Output Impedance**: Electrical resistance of the microphone's output.

**Sensitivity**: Sound-to-electrical signal efficiency in dB.

**Directional Property**: Pickup pattern, e.g., uni-directional.

**Frequency Response Range**: The range of captured frequencies.

**Dynamic Microphone**: Type using electromagnetic induction.

**600 (±15%)**: Nominal impedance with tolerance.

**-52±3dB (at 1KHz)(OdB=1mV/Pa)**: Sensitivity at 1 kHz.

**60-13KHz**: Frequency response ranges from 60 Hz to 13,000 Hz.

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Note: Microphone stand and shock mount excluded
 The bundle includes a specially designed microphone boom arm and mic shock mount. These accessories provide superior stability and isolation, ensuring minimal handling noise and vibrations. Unlike traditional mic stands and shock mounts, our product focuses on clean aesthetics and symmetry, creating an artistic presence once properly set up. The 5 small cable holders are strategically placed to neatly conceal the microphone cable within the gap between the dual arms, enhancing the overall appearance of your desktop setup.

With our microphone bundle, you'll enjoy professional-grade audio capture, versatile microphone options, and a visually pleasing setup that complements your workspace. Whether you're a content creator, podcaster, or musician, this bundle provides the perfect combination of performance and aesthetics for all your recording needs. Elevate your audio recordings to new heights with our exceptional microphone bundle.


Uni-directionality Captures sound primarily from one direction.
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Squarock LAB1 Dynamic Microphone Professional Vocal Microphone for Podcast