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SBLF-90 | 90cm Parabolic Soft box 

Diameter: 35.4''/90 cm
Depth: 25.6''/65 cm
Weight: 5.3lbs/2.4kg
Carrying Bag Diameter: 22 cm
Carrying Bag Length: 31.9''/cm

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NRs.999 NRs.1300
  • 【Length】2.18meters(7.15 FT).
  • 【Plug & Play】XLR to XLR cable can be directly connected and used, quickly meet output requirements.

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NRs.1300 NRs.999
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NRs.750 NRs.900


  • 【Superior sound】Metal braided shielding eliminates interference and provides raw sound with high-quality noise-free performance.
  • 【Plug & Play】3.5mm to XLR cable can be directly connected and used, quickly meet output requirements.
  • 【Ruggedness and durability】The XLR to 3.5mm cable is covered in TPE material, which is stronger than normal cables and provides superior durability and flexibility, ensuring that the cable does not fall off or break.
  • 【Wide application output】Professional XLR male to 1/8 inch cables are designed to output audio for smartphones, tablets, laptops, audio mixers, speakers, recorders,s and more. Professional XLR cable design to deliver the clearest, most authentic sound.

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NRs.8500 NRs.10500


**Microphone Type**: The microphone's category, like dynamic or condenser.

**Output Impedance**: Electrical resistance of the microphone's output.

**Sensitivity**: Sound-to-electrical signal efficiency in dB.

**Directional Property**: Pickup pattern, e.g., uni-directional.

**Frequency Response Range**: The range of captured frequencies.

**Dynamic Microphone**: Type using electromagnetic induction.

**600 (±15%)**: Nominal impedance with tolerance.

**-52±3dB (at 1KHz)(OdB=1mV/Pa)**: Sensitivity at 1 kHz.

**60-13KHz**: Frequency response ranges from 60 Hz to 13,000 Hz.

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NRs.2550 NRs.3200

Base material: Iron Metal with foam pad on the bottom
Base diameter: 5.9 inches
Minimum height: 7.9 inches
Maximum height: 12.2 inches

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NRs.19500 NRs.23000


Certification: Official approval confirming product compliance with standards.

EC: This may refer to European Conformity (CE) marking.

Private Mold: Proprietary mold design for unique products.

Forks: Could refer to cutlery or fork-like components.

Products Status: Indicates availability or condition of products.

Stock: Quantity of products available for purchase.

Type: General product category or classification.

External: Features located on the product's exterior.

Interface Type: How a device connects with others.


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NRs.3800 NRs.4400

The stand can be folded and retracted.

Straight rod length: about 80-140CM

The height of the bracket is about 80-140CM (plus the inclined rod can be adjusted about 1.8 meters)

The tripod opening diameter is about 60CM;

Crossbar length: about 65CM

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NRs.9250 NRs.10800
  • MA-1 is a professional microphone preamplifier that operates on 48V phantom power
  • This makes it ideal for ribbon and dynamic microphones alike.
  • Size: approx. 122x48x40mm
  • Package Includes: 1 x Alctron MA-1 Professional Microphone Preamplifier
  • Cable: A=No ; B= Yes(optional)

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NRs.10800 NRs.9250

SKU: AS #W1000H

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Key Features:

* Dual HDMI signal interface, connect more devices
* More than 1000ft transmission range with 0.08S ultra-low latency
* Up to 1080P@60Hz, provide high quality image
* Wireless full-duplex talkback, real-time intercom between the director  and the photographer
* With type-C to Ethernet adapter accessory, achieve live streaming
* The transmitter can be switched as a receiver at will
* One TX to multiple RX, monitoring for everyone on set
* Real-time APP monitoring for Android/iOS system
* 13 frequency channels, AUTO channel scan


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